Welcome New Members!

The Catalyst Kitchens network is growing. Over the past several months, we've welcomed five new member organizations into our family and are excited to share more about the meaningful work these agencies are engaged in. The map below provides a snapshot of where each organization is based. We think one of the most interesting and... Continue Reading →

Do Re-Entry Programs Work?

I used to spend a lot of time on the phone with prisoners. “Tell me about yourself. Why are you interested in this job training program? When was the last time you were employed?” Interviewing and enrolling men and women leaving prison was a significant aspect of my role as Intake and Outreach Coordinator for... Continue Reading →

Should Restaurants be Worried?

The stories of the restaurant industry's impending demise may be greatly exaggerated, but they shouldn't be ignored.  We find ourselves in the proverbial woods where two paths diverge.  One will take the restaurant industry down a trail of exciting new scenery, where the changing habits of Millennials will lead us all to a beautiful new... Continue Reading →

Fleet Week: Delivering Innovation

Business innovation and social enterprise are a natural pairing.  When the aim is to do charitable work while staying in the black, sometimes the answer is to try something that nobody else has tried before.  This is exactly where Will and Nancy from Second Harvest Food Bank in Orlando, FL found themselves a few years... Continue Reading →


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