Reframing Re-Entry: A Closer Look at Culinary Job Training for Returning Citizens

Re-entry, the process of returning to society after incarceration, is a difficult road to navigate. Major questions are where to live, where to find work, what has changed in society in the time missed, basic transportation, etc. It can be an endless list of complications and hurdles.

This report outlines our Member Networks’ work to serve “returning citizens” and includes outreach and recruitment efforts, the importance of community support, and how to build pathways with education and employment. Six of our member organizations shared their experiences, challenges, and successes gathered throughout their time working with returning citizens, including Community Kitchens of Pittsburgh, Philabundance in Philadelphia, St. Vincent de Paul in Baltimore, NourishKC in Kansas City, Second Helpings in Indianapolis, and TCK Providence in Winston-Salem.


Learn more with this Reframing Re-Entry Report: A Closer Look at Culinary Job Training for Returning Citizens

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