Catalyst Kitchens Radio: Finding Work After Prison


Presenting our first episode of Catalyst Kitchens Radio! CK’s new podcast series that explores our network’s work combating hunger, homelessness, and employment barriers through job training.

This episode focuses on the barriers students face when leaving the criminal justice system and follows the story of Anthony, a student in the FareStart program. What happens when people leave the U.S. criminal justice system? What programs are in place to support them during this transition?  Anthony realizes during his time in the program that he has been institutionalized in prison and has learned to only act when given instructions, making his first days back in society challenging. Luckily, FareStart provides a supportive environment to navigate these challenges and prepare Anthony for his next steps after incarceration.

We will hear from two nonprofits in the Catalyst Kitchens network about how their programs support students exiting the criminal justice system through wraparound support, life and job skills readiness, and culinary training. Thank you to Community Kitchen Pittsburgh‘s Executive Director Jennifer Flanagan and FareStart’s Intake and Outreach Coordinator Joseph Paul for sharing their experiences and insights in this work.

Give a listen below or on iTunes podcasts!



Special thanks to the Jack Straw Cultural Center for their support throughout this project!

Produced by Catalyst Kitchens and Daniel Guenther

Audio Engineering by Danny Barksdale

Music by Adir L.C.


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